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ACETAIA LA BONISSIMA is the testimony of the passion that the De Pietri family, since the early years of the last century, has always cultivated for the production of "Balsamic". At the beginning of the twentieth century, grandfather Celestino ran one of the most famous trattorias in the city on the Via Emilia, the "Casa Rigata", the official refreshment point of the Mille Miglia car race. Famous mechanics and drivers stopped, during the tests that preceded the race, to savor the precious "Balsamic" Aged in the barrels previously used for pouring wine.

Since then, several dozen barrels have been added little by little to the former and, subsequently, with the help of his son Egidio, an Acetaia of more organic consistency was established.

Of the old "trattoria", as well as the memory in the Modenese who made the history of today's Modena of that time, remains the ancient Acetaia, currently located on the edge of the Apennines and just seven kilometers from the city center, the undisputed land of vines used for the production of musts for "Balsamic".

At the end of the season of each harvest, this ritual is repeated: Franco and Donatella together with their children Francesco and Alessandro, the last generation of the family, have always breathed the unmistakable scent emanating from the large containers in which they cook a slow fire the juice of the grape just displayed.