Why the Bonissima

Tradition, environment and company philosophy gave rise to the idea of the brand:

It is in fact a name that means for the Modenese the maximum expression of modenesity in the strict sense of the term "La Bonissima" is a statuette located in the corner of the building seat of the Municipality of the city of Modena in front of the square on which the ancient Romanesque cathedral.

"La Bonissima", so called by the Modenese, apparently depicts a lady who, according to some, had to hold a balance symbol of the correctness of the weights, measures and good quality of the goods, while others say that, on the occasion of a great famine that hit the city of Modena, a noblewoman guaranteed the survival of the hungry poor by giving plenty of grains and food.

This statuette was thus erected in the 12th century as a perennial reminder of that gesture; since then it has been one of the symbols of the city most loved by the Modenese.