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His Majesty,
the most precious Vinegar in the world over

Every time the De Pietri family opens the narrow doors of the attic to the old Acetaia, a world of indescribable aromas and perfumes dance and caress the air which surrounds the visitors.

Ordered rows of ancient fine wooden barrels periodically wait for the ritual of the nectar transfer belonging to the purest Modena tradition. Very long natural fermentations transform the Cooked Must of White Trebbiano Grapes that Acetaia La Bonissima uses for this particular and very limited production aged in barrels of oak, chestnut, mulberry, cherry, juniper and ash.

Finally, when at least 12 years of continuous and loving care have passed the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is ready to be packaged in the exclusive bottle designed by Giugiaro and only available through the Consortium Protection.

The production of the De Pietri family can boast rows of barrels of the “Extra Aged” selection which started the aging process of the Vinegar over 25 years ago.

Confronted with such a concentration of craftsmanship, experience and passion, a very small taste of this fine Vinegar is enough to leave even the most refined palates astonished.

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Nastro Giallo
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